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Combat Schu-s

August 10, 2011

This is what I wore to school today ❤

Top : GH || Skirt : Red Tag || Boots : Chocolate Schu Bar || Bag : Cole Vintage || Accessories : Random

vote for this look in Chictopia! 🙂

I finally perfected the clarity of my photos after tons of experiments!

over shapened this one though 😐

stolen! I look like I’m in pain but I look skinny (and flat chested!) here so I posted it anyway.


close up of the shoes.

I love how they balanced the masculinity of the boots

with feminine touches like the quilting and satin ribbons.

A couple of years ago, I saw an article in a magazine

that said girls with uhhhh bottom heavy figures

should stay away from ankle-high footwear because they cut you off and make you look shorter.

I adhered to that advice because it does cut you off

and make you look heavier and shorter.

Until I came across a pair of ankle boots that made me change my mind.

My ankle boots from Aldo.

It does cut me off and it makes me look short,

but it’s just so pretty I don’t even care. :))

Then earlier this year,

Schu came up with these gorgeous quilted combat boots

with satin ribbons for shoelaces.

It caught my eye the first time I saw it after it hit the racks.

But it costs more than 3k so

I decided not to even try one on lest it tempts me to fork over the contents of my wallet. :))

Thankfully, all that resistance paid off because they went on sale!

Spotted them last Monday with Patmar,

buy 1 take 1 😀

Patmar and I were supposed to split the bill and get one pair each

but she didn’t like the boots or anything else in the store </3.

I thought I would be disappointed again.

The sales girl who was assisting us must have seen

how disappointed I was because she offered to contact another girl

who wanted to avail of the buy 1 take 1 promo but couldn’t find anyone to split the bill with.

Miracles of miracles! She agreed to split with me

even though she has to pay more because her pair only costs 2+k while mine is 3.3k.

I was so happy when I finally picked up my new Combat Schu-s yesterday 😀

Hence the title of this post. :))
I had to do some serious shoe closet rearranging because the shoe box was gigantic,

but thanks to my amazing kamada skills,

I was able to squeeze it in my closet.

Then I built an outfit around it right away. :))

I even ended up creating a daily and monthly outfit tracker/planner in my laptop.

lol. I was that happy :))

Nino, my classmate, was teasing me earlier because of the boots.

N: Where you going Lara Croft?

Me: Cambodia. I have a shoot later. Actually I have to catch a flight to Angkor Wat after class.

This caught Janyn’s (another classmate) attention.

J: Really??!

I laughed and said no, I was just kidding.

Nino laughed while Janyn mimed hitting him with her fist. :))

I’m actually enjoying my classes now. 😉

Going to school gives me an excuse to dress up. haha

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Though it seems like I am destined not to blog regularly

because the moment I was about to upload photos,

my internet started acting up. 😐

But I won’t let that ruin my day. 😉

Hasta luego!


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