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August 9, 2011

I’ve always been more into Serena Van Der Woodsen’s

style than Blair Waldorf’s.

Don’t you just love how she looks amazing

without looking like she spent hours planning her outfit?

Or the fact that Blake Lively looks good in

just about anything?

photo from CW

Some people are so lucky.

They look so stylish even if they don’t try to be.

One of the bloggers who features

these people in their blog is The Sartorialist.

I’ve been a follower of that blog

since a friend of mine told me to check it out.

Here are a couple of photos that

really caught my attention.

(the ff. photos are property of Scott Schuman – The Sartorialist)

I adore this! It looks like she just threw on whatever

she got her hands on first and voila!

The skiiiiiiirt! ❤

forgive me, I’m having a maxi/midi skirt obsession moment. lol

If Chinese, Japanese and Koreans look cute even in their most

lazy or eccentric outfits, Europeans and Americans

 looks chic even when they wear

their baggiest sweaters.

Just add heels and a scarf. 😉

I mentioned in an old post that most Indian women

don’t dress so well when not in their saris.

Well here’s an exception.

Not everyone can pull off this lose kaftan-esque maxi dress

and she looks magnificent in it.

I want a photo of me in a pose like this one!  :))

Rebel + indie chic.

Her colorful shoes and bag made her outfit even more interesting.

ordinary outfit, but I love the shot.

It’s so natural and it captured the personality of the subject.

Chic girls on a bicycle = ❤

Fell in love with shots like these

ever since my trip to Japan.

I even managed to take a snapshot of a girl

in platform heels (I kid you not!) riding a bike in Osaka.

This is my favorite bike shot.

I just hope that Kelly bag doesn’t fall off.

This girl sort of looks like Megan Fox.

White on white with a couple of color accents.

It’s amazing how she transformed a rather flat ensemble

with just a couple of accessories.

The only guy.

I love his studded leather jacket and

his mischievous but shy grin. :))

His hair should have looked atrocious on a guy

but he makes it look almost illegal to chop it off.

Now this definitely isn’t an

“Effortless” look but she reminded me so much

of Anna Wintour that I just had to include her.

I was resizing the photos

and then I realized I can reduce the file size

even without changing the size of the photo itself. :))

Again, all the photos in this post are not mine.

Outfit post to follow. 🙂



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