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Sea of Green

July 30, 2011

Hey everyone!

Sorry if I haven’t been posting the past few days.

I’ve been a bit busy because my Spanish classes

just started and my parents are here  for the weekend. Again.

We had an interview to renew our US visas yesterday.

I don’t have outfit photos

but I have nail art photos to make up for it 😀

San-san sea grean nail polish as base color

I tried doing gradients using a make-up foam

instead of clear nail polish like the last time.

This is how it turned out.

I used Caronia On the Go for the second layer

and Sephora for OPI Teal We Meet Again for the third layer.

It was easier than the previous method I used

but I don’t quite like how this one looks because

the color transition isn’t smooth and

it looks more like 3-tone nails if you see it close up.

It looks okay from afar though

so maybe I’ll do this again if I want gradient nails

and I’m in hurry.

Green shades

Colorless, Base polish, quick dry solution.

The three essentials for perfect

nail polish application 🙂

“Teal” my next post! 🙂



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