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Channeling my inner Happy Lemon

July 27, 2011

Tried Happy Lemon for the first time

the other day (very very LATE I know)

and I am so HOOKED.

I have a thing for green tea

so I picked the much-raved about

Green tea with Rocksalt and Cheese

as my first ever drink from Happy Lemon.

It. Was. So. Good. :O

Tea heaven. :))

After 6 hours, I went back for another one.

Matcha with adzuki bean and pudding

It’s also good!

It’s like green tea ice cream shake

with red beans and pudding!


They have this cute buzzer coaster thing

that lights up and vibrates when your drink is ready.

Couldn’t resist. I have to have a photo with it! 😀

Happy Lemon, I am definitely coming back for more!

I am yet to try Gong Cha, Serenitea and Cha Time though 😐


This is what I wore to the movies with my good friend JA. 🙂

the same photo is my entry for the ensembles contest  here.

I love my new handbag! It’s Alexander Wang inspired. ❤

I was on shopping ban when I saw this but

I just can’t resist!

Top : Topshop || Skirt : WAGW || Sandals : Aldo || Bag : Ensembles || Accessories : Random

They even featured my entry in Manila Street Life 😀

My first feature evuuuur!

I was feeling down in the dumps yesterday

but this and their sweet tweets definitely cheered me up!

Thank you Ensembles! ❤

A couple of hours of shopping later, I met another friend

and we watched Prom together.

I rarely watch chick flicks in the cinemas

because I don’t think it’s worth it

but Prom surprisingly enough, I did enjoy watching it.

Here are more photos while we waited for the movie 😀

smile smile. Trying to resist Happy Lemon… (though I lost anyway LOL)

I forgot my bangles 😐

I love murals! ❤

killing time by playing with my iTouch.

Thanks for dropping by!



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