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Unexpected Win

July 22, 2011

A lot of stores and bloggers have been

giving away cool stuff recently.

I was lucky enough to be picked as one of the

winners of Freeway GC in Twitter.

Here’s a photo of the GC

sorry if it’s grainy

I had to use my iTouch’s camera because

I didn’t have my slr with me and I wanted to

use the GC already. πŸ˜€

Here’s what I bought.

This is one gorgeous fringe necklace.



I actually wasn’t expecting to win the GC

when I retweeted my cousin’s tweet about winning

GC’s from Freeway but I retweeted it anyway because I

was so bored and I do love Freeway’s merchandise.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a tweet from Freeway

and a couple of people congratulating me for winning when

I got home from watching Harry Potter last week. πŸ™‚

Want to win GC’s?

(come on you know you do! who doesn’t want to go shopping for free? :P)

If so, check out The Row stores on facebook

Here are the links to their page:




Ensembles and


are giving away 2000 pesos worth ofΒ Gift Certificates to 2 lucky winners.

While Solo

is giving away 1500 pesos Β worth of GC’s to 1 male and 1 female contestant.

So what are you waiting for?

Join now! πŸ™‚

I used to disregard giveaways like these

thinking that I won’t win anyway

but winning in Freeway has changed my mind.

How will you even win if you don’t bother to join?

So go go go and participate!

you’ve got nothing to lose but lots of COOL & FREE stuff to gain πŸ˜€


While I’m at it, here’s another giveaway by Simone’s closet.

Click on the link to see the amazing stuff you could win!

I’m already thinking about my entry for the Ensembles contest πŸ˜€

What about you?



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