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Never Again

July 4, 2011

I was supposed to post this last night but

I lost my enthusiasm for the entry.

I’ll explain later why.

I know summer IS over here

in the Philippines

but I just HAD to wear this

summer-y maxi dress

I blogged about the other day.

My friend and I went to Greenhills

last Monday and I was running late so

I didn’t have time to accessorize,

put on make up

or pick a better pair of footwear. :))

I think the dress speaks for itself anyway 🙂

and I think my 3-year old Havaianas slims

(I just wore the first pair of slippers I saw haha)

made the dress look so relaxed.

Which suited me just fine 🙂

I don’t know what it is about

maxi dresses that makes me feel

overdressed when I wear it.

When I see other girls wear it, I don’t

think it’s dressy.


Or maybe I’m just not used to wearing long dresses.

We had dinner in Banapple.

It’s the newly opened branch in

North East Square on Connecticut street.

I actually prefer that branch to their

main branch in Katipunan

or the one in Il Terrazo in Timog/Morato

because it isn’t so crowded even if it’s smaller 🙂

Our food will be in a separate post.

I’ve eaten in Banapple so many times since June

I’m beginning to get sick of it 😐

anyhoo, more photos below:

the Carlo’s Pizza sign was too bright so

I cropped (most of) it out here.

and darkened the letters here

and made the background black and white. 😀

Last one :

this looks a bit grainy and washed-out 😐

As to why I lost enthusiasm for this post:

This day would have been perfect if not for the

annoying rips that seems to be popping

on the seams of my dress.

As you can see in my photos up there

the dress fits quite loosely

and I wasn’t doing anything that will stretch the

cloth to “ripping” point

so I was quite puzzled to find rips

on the dress strap and the seam on my waist

while we’re in the mall.

It wasn’t so obvious because of the print

but it’s still unsightly for me.

I really REALLY hate it when my clothes gets damaged.

The rips on this dress can’t be my fault because

all I did this was walk and walk and walk.

I didn’t even hear anything ripping.

But since the torn parts weren’t noticeable and my bag

covers the rather big one on my waist

I decided to ignore it

(though I have to admit it kept niggling at me from the back of my head)

and just sew it together when I get home.

And when I finally did, I was dismayed to

see TWO MORE TEARS along the seams. 😦

Here are the photos:

1- the one on the strap. I’ve already sown the rip shut when I remembered to take photos.

2- this was the biggest one and I covered it with my bag.

It actually looks bigger in actual, almost 3 inches long. 😐

3 – I was about to put the dress away when I saw this one

4- and this.

I was so pissed off that I just tossed the dress away

and opted to continue sewing the next day.

I got this dress in Tomato for 750.oo pesos.

Along with the animal print one here.

I know 750 is cheap for the stylish maxi dress

but I think it’s absurd considering the dress

was almost ready to fall apart after wearing it for the first time.

Seeing how it was ripped and frayed

I know that this happened because

the cloth they used to make the dress

has very bad/poor quality.

I don’t even expect it to survive unscathed from being laundered.


This is my first time to post a rant .  I’m sorry to unload here, but I just can’t help myself.  I even delayed writing this post because I was  trying to make myself feel better about it, but it just isn’t happening.  I mean, I shop almost anywhere so long as there is something that catches my eye.

I’ve bought stuff from Ukay-ukays, tiangges, bazaars, and department stores and they don’t have clothes that have such poor quality like this dress!


Can you really blame Filipinos for having colonial mentality or opting to buy imported products if this is the quality of products that you get in a local store?

You can’t!  Right?

This isn’t for Filipino products in general but only for this particular brand.

This the first time that I bought clothes in Tomato and I would NEVER buy anything there again.

I know that not all of their clothes would be like this but I just don’t want to risk it.  There are better places to shop at  and I’d rather be sure this won’t happen to my purchases.

Have you had any clothing mishaps or fiasco lately?

Feel free to share them with me. 🙂

Thank you for reading my blog (and rant. lol)

I definitely feel a bit better now.



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