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July 2, 2011

My blockmate Mimi


 linked me to a

blog post about using newspaper

and alcohol for nail art.

It was so kitschy and it seemed easy to do

so I gave it a try 🙂

I admit to stealing my lola’s newspaper

for this one since I don’t really read newspapers. :))

Here’s how it turned out.

Left hand

Sorry if my cuticles looked a bit oily.

I applied quick dry formula on it after the top coat.

I think it’s glaringly obvious that there are

no legible texts on my ring fingernail. 😦

That’s because I already reapplied nail polish

FOUR TIMES on that nail because it

keeps sticking to the  newspaper.

In the end I just settled for that smudged/jumbled

looking swirls because I didn’t want to murder my nail

with too much acetone.

(no photo of my right hand :|)

If you want to try newspaper nail art,

here’s how. 🙂

What you’ll need:

– Alcohol in a bottle or spray bottle

– newspaper fine print texts

(it’s easier of you cut them into small pieces)


1. Pick a pale/light colored nail polish (or two, like I did haha)

2. Apply base coat then the light colored nail polish

3. Let it dry completely, don’t apply the topcoat yet

4. Put a couple of drops of alcohol (any alcohol will do)

until it covers the whole fingernail

5. Place a piece of the newspaper on your nail and press it down

gently.  Make sure that the curved sides of your nails

are also covered by the newspaper.

6. Gently lift the paper from your nails so it won’t smudge the design.

7. Let the alcohol dry for a bit then apply top coat to make it last longer.

Goodluck and have fun! 😀

Here’s a photo of the nail polish that I used. 🙂

Outfit post

and stuff I got from Aldo

coming up next! 🙂



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