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June 28, 2011

I haven’t blogged for 5 days! :O

This post is 2 days late :))


Despite the pouring

and I do mean POURING rain

last Friday and Saturday morning,

the Commencement Exercises for DLSU-Manila

pushed through. 🙂

I was a bit groggy when I got up at 5:30am

because I was waiting for the announcement

on whether or not the ceremony will be cancelled.

It was past 12mn when they finally announced that

they aren’t cancelling.

To be honest, the ceremony was a bit boring.

If I hadn’t snuck a bag under my toga

with my phone and ipod

I would have ended up sleeping or chatting with

my seatmates (who were also texting/talking to seatmates)

I really don’t get why they prohibit the (us)

graduates to bring bags in the plenary hall.

What’s the point really?

You just made us smuggle our bags inside :))

Anyhoo! Here are

some of the photos

and some outfit shots. 🙂

Sorry for some of the silly poses.

My mom took my photos and I was

a bit self-conscious so I goofed around instead. :))

I didn’t feel like going to the stage.

I think you can see how crowded it is over there.  😛

Didn’t want to wear my toga anymore. :))

I went out to take a photo with the Color officers

before removing my toga.

I used to be one of them back when I was still a sophomore 😀

How time flies.

Dress: Randy Ortiz for Kashieca || Black Pumps: Qupid || Double-strand Pearls: Mikimoto

Sling bag: Vintage Piero Guidi || Watch: Esprit

One of my few “dignified” looking photos.

I don’t usually go for classic looks

because I think it doesn’t have much impact

but since it’s graduation I made an exception.

I don’t want to look at my graduation photos after 10 years

and be horrified at what I’m wearing. LOL

I even painted my nails PLAIN RED.

No stickers or design whatsoever. :))

Oh and a pearl necklace.

I don’t dislike pearls but I’m not partial to them either.

This necklace and my earrings are always in the back of

my jewelry box because I rarely/never wear them. :))

But like I said, this day was an exception.

Here’s another one 🙂

I had to delete the annoying girl who was right behind me.

thank you clone stamp tool! HAHA

 goofy/stupid pose #1. :))

I also deleted the annoying girl in this photo.  HAHA

Say hello to my mother who was busy texting our sundo

a.k.a. my dad.

here are my goofy shots. :))

and finally a photo with Shiella. 🙂

Ikaw na ang magna cum laude at outstanding ang thesis

plus may Jose Rizal award thingy.

Ikaw na talaga. :))

*I kid! congrats! 😀 *

I am officially a bum and unemployed.


That’s all for today!



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  1. June 29, 2011 2:22 am

    LBD + pearls + black pumps = instant classic! I can’t wait to graduate already haha

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