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June 16, 2011

I’ve always loved nibbling at candies

and that hasn’t changed.

I always have a stash of fruity

candies or minty gum

in my bag.

I took a photo of my candies here at home

just for kicks.

Korean candies

and gummies from Pick & Mix.

I live for those strawberry cream

tops and cola bottles.

They have always been my favorite

since I was a kid.

I don’t like soda at all or chocolates that much

but sugary candies are my downfall.

and nail polish, clothes, make-up,

Quickly taro drinks and the list goes on and on

but on top of the food list is CANDY.

I used to want to own a candy store

like candy corner or pick and mix. :))

I’d still consider it now but I’d probably

end up hogging all the candy i’m supposed to sell. LOL

I do have a little something I’m working on right now.

But they’re more like eye candies. 😀

That’s all I’d say for

but do keep a close eye on this project of mine

because it’s coming real soon 🙂

Have a sweet day everyone!



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