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Going Indian

June 16, 2011

What is it about Indian bangles that makes it such a classic jewelry/accessory?

It goes with almost any outfit and in any range of styles so long as the color scheme matches or contrasts with the wearer’s clothes.

It’s an ultimate pick me upper for a classic black dress, jazzes up casual wear and gives a better feel or glamorous effect to a fashionable or stylish outfit.

Why am I saying this? Because Indian bangles are one of my fashion fixations.  It never died down. Ever. :))  It all started when we went to Malaysia on 2008 and saw this newly married Indian woman with stacks upon stacks of red Indian bangles on her forearms. Together with intricate henna tattoos, it looked really gorgeous.

it looked a lot like this 

and this.

When we landed in Singapore after the tour in Malaysia I saw a stack of Indian bangles in Topshop and they were on sale.  I practically begged my mom to buy them for me.  :)) To this day I still haven’t stopped  buying bangles. :))

It goes without saying that Inidan traditional clothings are also beautiful.  The sari both sexy and elegant.  It’s a timeless piece that never fails to catch people’s attention because the colors  and designs are usually so vibrant but never in a tacky manner.

I love the intricate embroidery on this one.

I also love this simple but really striking Sari.

The gold brocade really goes well with black.

And I think Indian women are so beautiful too, though not all of them dress so well when they aren’t in Saris. 😐

I don’t own any saris but I do have some Indian-ish pieces and I wore them the other day when I went to school for my alumni card.

Needless to say, going to school wearing this outfit definitely catches people’s attention.  Normally I wouldn’t have worn this to school but what the heck.  I felt like wearing it and I wanted to do something different so I just shook off my nerves and went to school anyway. :)) Those heels are really comfortable. I am so in looooove with them right now. :))

I also changed my nail polish into MAC Blue India to go with the outfit.

But only for my hands :)) I used La Belle Electric Blue nail polish for my toes.

Anyhoo, after getting my alumni card, I visited my friend who runs a Korean store in Cityland and had some of my favorite Tuna Kimbap

and Korean Ice creams. 😀 YUMMY!

Kimbap – Korean Sushi

Red Bean Mochi Ice cream and Vanilla Ice cream with Red bean in Fish-shaped waffle

In a completely unrelated note

I was looking for resealable plastic bags in National Bookstore when

I found this big colorful notepad.

I am a total sucker for colorful paper stacked so neatly

like this one.

For only 33.oo pesos I got myself a new cheerup-y notepad.  😉

Thanks for dropping  by!



*photos without watermarks are from the internet

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