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I’m in loooove with ABB

June 11, 2011

I promised my cousin I’d write a post

featuring the ABB matte maker nail polish

I bought from her and she requested that

I put photos too.

Such a demanding cousin no?

I kid. haha.


I used it today and I really love the result. πŸ™‚

here are the photos πŸ˜€


and AFTER applying ABB matte maker.

It’s gorgeous!

I really wanted matted nail polish

but I haven’t made up my mind whether

I’d buy some or not because it’s quite expensive

and I need to get a separate top coat that’s also matted.

The ones I saw in Skin Food costs more than 300 pesos

per 5 or 7 mL bottle.

If I bought one color with one top coat that will be almost

700 pesos. :O

Good thing I didn’t buy that yet.

ABB Nail Lacquer works so well

it’s like you applied matted nail polish πŸ™‚

And it works with any colors, even the frosted ones πŸ˜€

all for 180 pesos.

The downside is

if you’re used to small or round brush handles

and you aren’t used to applying nail polish

it can be a bit tricky to apply because

the handle for this brush

is big and square shaped.

But hey, practice makes perfect

or close to perfect, yes?

I used Elianto’s Twilight Zone, Chic’s Neon Blue

and ABB Nail Lacquer. πŸ™‚

I think the matted look works better on solid

colors, so I didn’t do two-tones on my nails this time. :))

Order ABB Nail Lacquer here at:

Third World Fashion


Thank you for reading!



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