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Today is My Lucky Day

June 7, 2011

I ran an errand for my mom today.

I had to take the MRT to Makati

so I can’t wear heels

lest I want to be dead on my feet.

Here’s what I wore.

f21 camisole, H&M skirt, random cropped top, Michael Antonio flats, and bag from Celine

*sorry for the overexposed photo the sun was directly overhead and I was in hurry*

Trust Bean (my dog) to enter the

picture and make my

military-esque stance look comic.

It looks like i’m constipated slash ignoring her

as she sniffs around my feet. :))

So I stooped down

(yes in my mini skirt)

to ruffle her fur before I leave.

She goes absolutely nuts

whenever I return to the house. :))

Maybe I’ll take a video of her next time.  lol

You might be wondering why

the title says it’s my lucky day today.

I got a free taxi ride earlier. :))

It was kinda funny and annoying at the same time

because the taxi driver was going in circles

around Ayala Avenue and asking me

for the name of the building again.

I think he asked me about four times

until he just told me to get off the taxi

because he doesn’t have a clue where

the building was and he refused

to take my money  when I was about to pay him.

The funny part is the building we were looking for was



I was smiling like an idiot as I walked to the reception area. :))

Erika: 1 —- Manong Driver: 0


After that I went to Glorietta 5 to check

out the Limited Edition high heels

in So Fab! (finally)

unfortunately the style and color I REALLY want

is no longer available in size 8 😦

I tried some of the other styles but the size 7

is too small while the size 8 was too big for my feet. 😦

Oh well. Not meant to be.

It saved me some money though :))

So yeah I still think I’m lucky.

I was proved right because when

I went to Forever21 Makati

I saw that they still had those strapless maxi dresses

that I really want and is no longer available in Megamall.


I immediately grabbed one in my size because

there was only 3 pieces left of it. 😀

I had to get the gray because they don’t have

turquoise anymore, but it’s okay.

It’ll be easier to jazz up gray anyway 😛

I also got a new scarf.

I know it’s really HOT right now

but at 365 pesos this one is too good to pass up.

I rarely come across scarves that I like so

when I see one I like and reasonably priced

I buy it. I think it’s a really good accessory

and it can brighten up any outfit

if you pick interesting looking ones.

 I  got an anchor necklace too. 🙂

This is the first accessory I ever bought in F21.

I was looking for a silver bib necklace

but I couldn’t find one that I really

like so I got this one instead.

Here’s the photo 😀

I was too lazy to take photos of the items individually.


I have been forever on the lookout

for a nice studded black body bag.

I found one in Cole Vintage.

It was love at first sight ❤

I promised myself to stop buying stuff for today

until I saw these in HBC Centris. :O

Nail polish = ultimate weakness

would you be able to resist those

pale colored nail polish??

It was practically calling my name and

convincing me to take them from the shelves. :O

HBC: 1 —— Erika: O

And one last thing.

I wanted these Human Nature body butter

in goat milk, cocoa butter and mango

since my cousin ate Nocelle made me try them.

Which is like 2 years ago?

So imagine how happy I was this afternoon

when I randomly spotted a Human Nature stall

on my way home.

This was the last jar they had!

I was lucky today! I’m telling you! lol!

It smells so yummy it makes me wanna lick it off the jar!

Unlike imported body butters this one doesn’t feel

sticky even when you get sweaty.

Plus it’s organic and cheap! ❤

A 100g jar is only 164.75 pesos.

C-R-A-Z-Y  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

It was almost 7pm when I got home.

I’ve been on my feet for almost 5 hours straight!

It was tiring but definitely a great day. 🙂

I hope you guys had a great day as well!



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