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Shopping in High Heels

June 6, 2011

I wasn’t supposed to go shopping yesterday

but I ended up buying clothes and

accessories in Eastwood. :O

There was a mini bazaar in the Citywalk

and food fair in the mall.

(i’ll save the food photos for the next post though)

I finally have decent outfit shots

that do justice to my current favorite

in my closet:

The long green skirt 😀


I just plonked that fedora on my head after

buying it. It did seem to go well

with my outfit so I here’s a photo of me wearing it.

What do you guys think?

Can I just say that I have absolutely

no control over my spending

habits when faced with

new shades of nail polish?


I know I just bought

four bottles the other day

but I really wanted these!

I’m such a nail polish hog.  :O

It’s a good thing most local nail polish

are cheap or I’d be bankrupt by now. lol

Check out this cute box

from The Bead Shop!

I almost didn’t want to open it! 😦

But I had to or else….

no photo of the ring I spotted. 😀

Another store that always ALWAYS

makes me spend

is Girlshoppe.

I got this airplane ring

and bangles

all for 210 pesos!

Blame the Free hugs t-shirt

from Graffitee

for it made me go inside their store

and browse.

and ended up buying these

quirky earrings

and glasses.

some cropped tops from the bazaar

and the fedora from Human.


I didn’t follow my itinerary yet again.


I swear I’m heading to So FAB! in Shangri-la

as soon as I can because I want to

snag at least a pair of their limited edition heels. 😀

I hope I’m not boring everyone with

all the posts about my recent purchases. 😀

It’s just that I haven’t shopped for a loooong time

back when I was thesis-ing

so I’m making up for the lost time

(6 months worth! )LOL

Anyhoo! Until my next post!



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  1. June 6, 2011 5:40 am

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