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Banapple and the Food Factory

June 6, 2011

Okay I’m kidding. 

It’s a food fair in Eastwood.

I just think it sounds better if I put

Factory for the title. lol

There was a food fair in Eastwood yesterday.

I just had lunch before I went there

though so I wasn’t in the mood to eat much.

I randomly tried some food and took pictures instead. 🙂

It was funny because some of the sellers

thought I’m a writer or something

because they were asking

if I’m from a magazine or which

magazine I write for.

whoops. :))

anyway, here are a few snapshots.


I remember this cookie place

back when they have a stall in greenhills.

I love their oatmeal cookies.

When I tried a few pieces

I found it a tad too sweet.

As in toothache inducing. 😦

what happened?

ooh. Red velvet cake!

This looked nice. I’m not fond of ensaymada with fillings though.

This ham was YUMMY!

It wasn’t too salty or tough

like Excellente ham.

I love it! ❤

Didn’t try anything from here

though I was sorely tempted to buy some chilled taho 😀


Chef Ahoy pastries.  Their cheesecakes and brownies looked yummy!


Dinner at Banapple!

I love this place!

It makes my gluttony go away in good and overstuffed way! :))

The food is great and affordable.

The cakes are to-die for!

You should definitely try their dessertswhen you dine here. 🙂

the only thing I don’t like about eating here is

it’s a bit cramped and poeple can bump onto your

elbow or chair while you’re eating.


have a peek at their

mouth watering dishes and cakes! 🙂

I had this.

Hickory Smoked Barbecue Ribs

I’ve forgotten how big their servings are!

It was really good!

The meat was cooked just right

and the sauce goes really well with it. 🙂

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish it because

I had to leave room for dessert:

two-nut caramel cheesecake

I’ve had a lot of cheesecakes

and most of the time it’s nakakabitin

because of the small serving

or they just couldn’t nail the “cheesecake” flavor.

Well this one is perfect!

Not too sour or sweet.

The caramel balances the tartiness

of the cream cheese. 🙂

I’ve also tried these dishes before:

Herbed Chicken rolls

This one is really yummy!

Think Cordon Bleu

with cheesy gravy and pesto.

Coffee Toffee Roca Pie!

Dark chocolate crust

toffee, coffee and cream filling.

What’s not to love?

Hungry now? :))

Banapple just opened their

new branch in Greenhills.

It’s near (beside) Lugang Cafe

in Connecticut street. 🙂

and they also have a branch in Ayala Triangle.

Visit their website for more info!

(and no I’m not being paid for this! haha!)



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