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You Can Never Have Too Many Pairs of Shoes

June 5, 2011

The last time I went to the mall

I bought mostly doggie stuff for my dog Bean.

This time I was supposed to buy something

my mom wanted but she changed her mind at

the last minute so I ended up buying stuff for myself. 



before I went to the mall,

I got busy painting my nails.

Everyone who knows me

(esp. from DLSU)

knows that I am addicted to nail polish.

I constantly check the drugstore

near my place to see if they have new

shades of nail polish

and I also check blogs like 

and others that are dedicated mostly to nail polish

to know more about it. 

Yesterday I felt like doing 

two-toned nails in nude and neon colors. 


here’s a photo 

I used Caronia nail polish

for the nude and seafoam colors

while the pale lavender is Essie Nice is Nice.

I used Seche Vite Top coat because

I was in a hurry and that top coat dries in less than a minute.

I love Caronia nail polish!

They have gorgeous colors and it’s dirt cheap!

So are Bobbie, Chic and Caress. 

I don’t really care about the brand

so long as the colors look good. 🙂

Honestly who can tell if your nail polish

is from Chanel or Mac

unless you tell them about it

or they follow every single shade designer brands 

come up with? :))

Oh, I also got this huge ass bottle of nail polish

remover because I always run out of it

and it’s cheaper than if I get smaller bottles

every so often.

You can get them at Landmark.

a 520 mL bottle is only 90 pesos 🙂

Moving on.

I got this box-pleated black mini skirt in Trunkshow.

I have been on the look out for one of these FOREVER. 

I didn’t expect to find one after months of fruitless searching. 

I went through a phase where I didn’t

want to buy anything in black or

any neutral colors because 

it rarely stands out.

It ended when I was about to go nuts

trying to make pieces in my closet 

that just don’t go well together

to go together. :))

(you’d notice most of the stuff I bought are in black)

I also avoided buying flats

because I thought they are so commonplace

it’s boring. :))

wrong again. why? read on.

I was supposed to buy a gorgeous pair of heels

in Michael Antonio

but sadly, the one I wanted was the last

pair left and it’s not in good condition 😦

Thank goodness I didn’t buy it despite

the sales girl’s assurance that the damage were “minor”

Because I found better ones. 

I got these shoes in Inches.

The flats are Michael Antonio

and the heels are Qupid.

These pair of flats certainly proved me wrong. 

silver, studs and animal print.

what’s not to love?

As for the high heeled pumps.

I usually see ones that are so plain

that it looks generic and blah

while the ones with the good design

are overpriced

(5k for a pair of pumps? no thank you).

So I never really felt the compulsion to buy 

black pumps until I tried these :

They are perfect!

check out the texture and the tiny studs.

It makes a LOT of difference on the impact of these

shoes than if it was plain. 

A classic pair of shoes with a twist.

It will go well with any outfit.

Good quality, great style and it doesn’t break the bank!

I’m definitely going back to Inches

when I feel like buying new shoes. 

And here’s the last photo.

a black (again) belt from Tomato.

It’s the first time I bought anything from Tomato

and the first time I bought a woven belt.

I already have one that came with a skirt

from F21 but I figured I needed a wider one. 

Will post outfit photos soon! 🙂

oh here’s what’s next on my shopping itinerary:

Forever 21



The Ramp

(for real this time. haha)

Til my next post!

Thank you for reading!



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